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So, today it is snowing outside.  The snow seems light and fluffy, but it is accumulating rapidly.  What is it about a snowfall that insulates everything and makes the whole world seem hushed and quiet.  I could have gone in to work today, or out in service.  I could be using my time more wisely.  But it is nice to have the house all to myself, the fireplace is on, all my bills are paid, I’m not coughing anymore, and for a change I feel a bit relaxed.  I feel at ease.

Now, I have been wearing my head covered since I posted about it and got permission from my employer, which was very easy!  The challenge is the daily head wear.  I regularly look on YouTube and watch videos of headwraps from all over the world, but I tend toward the same styles . . . or a hat of some sort.  So, this can be difficult.  Sometimes I can’t find the right thing to wear, or the thing I wear is not comfortable.  It might slip around on my head, or be too hot, or not weighty enough.  Sometimes I just feel stupid and uncomfortable.  But most of the time, I feel like a queen, a bride, a servant.  And, it gives me many opportunities to witness!

I just wanted to share that update with you.  I’ll keep in touch.

Later the same day . . .

I have been spending time reading up on raw foods.  My husband decided to eat Nutrisystem, which means I am not really feeding him anymore.  I don’t particularly like that, since feeding others is a service.  But, I guess I haven’t been doing much of that anyway.   Cooking/feeding, I mean.  Now, if you read my earliest post, my mother lives with me so I could feed her more.  She is very appreciative and so loving.  Other times, though, she complains and I find that irritating.  So, I like to eat natural foods.  Raw or cooked.  I have spent my years of marriage cooking food I don’t particularly enjoy eating because my husband likes it.  I should consider this time of my life an opportunity to eat what I want and not have to worry so much about whether or not my food is meeting the needs of my family members’ taste buds.  So, I have been thinking a bit more about how I incorporate that into my life of service if I am not feeding others.  Then, I realized that 1) when I make really yummy raw foods meals, my family eats them anyway, even if only a bit; and 2) the positive things I do for my own health are indirect acts of service to my family.

There is really nothing preventing me from changing and growing but myself.  Now there’s a slap upside the head for ya!  As with all the other stuff going on in my life, I’ll keep you informed.


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