A Servant's Heart

Exploring how I can express love to my family by means of my service to them.

The Foot Bath

My husband came in today from a long period of cleaning and working and cooking.  I looked at his face, softened with fatigue, his forehead glistening slightly, and I followed him into the living room and sat to listen to him.  He told me of his day and shared things he heard and things he said.  I didn’t always think he said the best thing, but I did not criticize.  He spoke himself to his own conclusion that he might have spoken to someone a bit harshly and he reproved his own self.  I reminded him that he was a good man.  He pushed his boots off, each one with the toe of the other foot and I removed them into the hallway.  “You’re feet stink,” I said.  He laughed.

I went upstairs to bring him some things he asked me for, and also brought a clean, hot wet washcloth and a dry one, too.  I grabbed a bottle of sandalwood shampoo, lavender and tea tree essential oil, and super emollient body cream and sat on the floor on the brown leather pillow before him.  It exhaled beneath me.  I squeezed the shampoo in my hand and massaged his feet until the shampoo disappeared.  Then, I grabbed the hot washcloth and began to wipe his feet as gentle suds appeared.  The mild abrasiveness from the cloth encouraged me to scrub-massage — instep, arch, heel.  I glanced up at him and he rested his head in his hands as his eyes slowly closed.  He looked peaceful.  I went and rinsed the cloth off again in the sink, warming it further, and then stood over his foot as I wiped off the remaining soap and then dried his foot with the towel.  After sitting back down, smiling to myself as the pillow heaved another sigh, I sprinkled a few drops of the fragrant oil in the palm of my hand and then scooped out a finger gob of the rich white body cream.  I rubbed them together in the palm of my hand and then applied the mixture onto his foot until it glistened and warmed.  The lovely smell filled the room, soothing, calming, and subtly stimulating at the same time.  He moved his toes back and forth and smiled.

“Is that the oil that smells so good?”

“Yes.  Is it tingling?”


“Is your foot warm?”

“Yes.  It feels good.  Thank you.”

On to the next foot and then a kiss on the top of each.  Same process.  Same feeling.  Same smell.  Same love.  Same thank yous. Same peace.  I know that made him feel good.  Relaxed.  Kingly.  Loved.

And it made me feel lovely.  Sweet.  Full of gratitude.  Happy.

“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.”  Acts 20:35


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