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Healthy competition – literally!

My husband has decided to diet and has been doing a great job of going to the gym.  Now he is trying some new food choices and I think they are kind of radical, but I am going to give him the space and support he needs to do what he thinks is right.  I like it when he dignifies me by giving me my space and respecting me as an adult.  Well, since I met him many years ago, I think I’ve gained about 60 pounds and my lifestyle habits have gone downhill.  I’m not necessarily attaching those changes to him; I have been through a lot in the past few years and really have struggled with personal integrity as far as living a life that represents who I am and what I value on the inside.  I used to do this very well, but a turning point for me was when I decided I needed to change who I was on the outside in order to conform to the world of business.  Really, the issue was that I was a single mom and I needed to “get serious” about my job.  You see, I am an artist at heart.  Total hippie earth mama type.  A little city-country-city, but preferable country in the city.  You know.  Urban farmer, chickens and a bee hive in the back yard.  Compost, recycling, organics, raising and loving children.  Canning, cooking, baking, sewing, knitting.  Beads, oils, fiber arts.  Bare feet in the grass.  Vegetarian.  I am a straight up roots woman!  But you wouldn’t know it if you saw me.  If you saw me, you might say, “Oh, that’s a business woman.”  But, really, the discrepancy is killing me and so I eat.  I carry it well; but it makes me sad and unhappy and a little bit ashamed of myself because I really know health and wellness.  All this stuff that’s so popular today I was already doing back then.  In a way I sometimes feel like I went backward.

Anyway, I decided it might be a time to give my hubby — or maybe me — a little healthy competition, literally.  To exercise what I know to be the best way to live; i.e., healthy eating.  I wonder if I can do that anymore.  I will share my journey with you if you are interested.

Peace and blessings,



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