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Naked Flesh

The URL for my blog — this one — is nakedflesh.wordpress.com.  You might be wondering why I chose that URL.  Was it to be incitive?  To foster curiosity based on a somehow misleading premise?  Well, no.  I chose nakedflesh because I aspire for a simpler life, a life of service, and the phrase “naked flesh” is how I describe it when I empty myself of unnecessary things.  I say that I am just “naked flesh” or that I am going “naked flesh.”  So, let’s just be clear to start that there really WON’T be any images of naked flesh or any improper references to the same.  Having said all that, that’s all I wanted to say for this particular moment.  I have spent yesterday and today moving my mother into our house, but I’ll post more on that later.  In the meantime, I downloaded all of my Facebook albums and then deleted them from my Facebook page.  I am now in the slow, boring process of deleting all of my Facebook posts from my wall.  Step three, when I finally get there, will be to delete my friends.  Then, my final step will be to permanently delete my account.  I never wanted that Facebook thing; my daughter insisted and set it up for me.  All I can say now is that I should have followed my first inclination.  As Dad used to always say, “Follow your first mind.”  It has become a nuisance and a distraction and a sometimes discouraging and disappointing revelation deeper into the hearts of people than I really wanted to peer.  I’ll keep you informed on that, too!  It’s been very difficult for me to let go of and so I am taking my time departing.  But, progress is steady and with each reduction, I’ll feel lighter.  Yep, I’m going all naked flesh where Facebook is concerned!


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4 thoughts on “Naked Flesh

  1. I actually find it quite curious that a Jehovahs Witness would use such a worldly avenue as blogging.

    • I find it quite curious that you find it curious. A blog is just a tool to share thoughts and information. I do not use it in a way that is improper or immoral. I also don’t spend so much time on it that it takes away from spiritual things. And, by the way, I go to work, I use a telephone, I own a cell phone, I watch t.v., I read gardening magazines, I wear modern clothes, I use allopathic medicine, I drive a car, etc. The Bible says we should not use the world to the full. I don’t. Do you?

      • Of course I do. It also says bad association spoils useful habbit’s. It says to be weary about association with the world. A blog is a means to open the entire world into your life. That is its purpose. I’m not misinformed about the life a Witness leads, I’m curious as to why you would let the entire world associate with you. It is not service to Jehovah, not once did I ever hear a talk saying to blog as a form of service. And if it isn’t service and it is just association than it is definatley the type of association you should gaurd yourself against.

      • This is an interesting conversation. I think you misread my reply to you, or perhaps I am not making myself clear. I did not say that a blog is service to Jehovah. I said that I don’t spend so much time on it (blogging) that it takes away from spiritual things. I also disagree that it is “association,” or that it allows people into my life in a capacity any more or less harmful than a conversation I might have with a neighbor or workmate who is not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses. In this matter, I control. Therefore, I speak about what I deem acceptable and appropriate, whether mundane or spiritual. But, at any rate, that’s my opinion and I, quite frankly, have never heard a talk referencing blogging at all. However, we certainly have had many warnings about how we use modern technology, including social networking, of which I believe blogging is one type. (I don’t FB or My Space or Twitter and email only for business because I feel THOSE types of social networking cross the boundary of what I believe is acceptable.) Anyway, although I appreciate your comments, I don’t care to spend much more time on the issue. So, if you reply that’s fine, but please don’t expect yet another reply from me. I don’t want to keep this going; I believe it has the potential to become needlessly contentious. However, I do want to tell you that if my blog has somehow stumbled you or caused you irritation, then I regret that. It is an idle time waster that I enjoy periodically posting comments on and have no intention of stopping. If it’s really bothering you that much, perhaps you should stop reading it. I’m sure you and I both could use the time we have spent here on more important, TRULY spiritual things.

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